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The site is written and maintained by me, Ashok Argent-Katwala. It uses a variety of technologies, all of them free and open:

All the graphics decorating the site are in the Portable Network Graphics (PNG) format, which not only supports rich features, but does so with tiny filesizes and unencumbered by patents. They were generally tinkered with using The Gimp and Inkscape, with occasional help from Imagemagick's convert and ArtPaint.

BibTeX icon Postscript icon GZipped Postscript icon PDF icon

The icons used for Postscript, PDF and BibTeX files from or based on the Conectiva Crystal iconset (v0.85) which shipped with KDE 3.1.

[Feed icon (large)] [Feed icon (small)]

The feed icon is based on Matt Brett's vector version of the Mozilla Firefox feed icon, also adopted by Microsoft, and recoloured to fit the site and given a shadow.

If you are interested in using the code from the site, you may be interested in the data model for PostgreSQL. The full source code is available on request, and would need a short conversation with me to set-up.

My hearty thanks to:

The Department's Computing Support Group
For supporting all of the tools needed to run the site on the departmental servers, by default; and responding graciously and swiftly to our peculiar needs. We're very lucky to have such great support, and wouldn't get our jobs done without them.
Future i
For all their support in designing and writing the toolkit this site uses.
The whole AESOP group
For letting me toy with our Web presence, with free reign to do things the Right Way as I see it, and for entering all their data.