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Luna Cluster operational

On 9th February 2005 by Ashok Argent-Katwala.
New 8-node computational cluster for the group.
Will Knottenbelt writes:

i'm very happy to announce the availability of the "luna" computational cluster.

we have 8 dual processor nodes (called luna01, luna02, ... , luna08), each with two 3GHz processors and 2GB RAM. the interconnect is gigabit ethernet. the nodes run linux and are connected to the department's file space by NFS (so you can just ssh in as usual). all aesop members are welcome to use the cluster - it makes a good training ground for mpi applications before they are ported to the viking cluster for example.

thank you to our PASTRAMI grant for the money, stuart for ordering everything and to CSG - esp. matt johnson - for hardware and software installation expertise.

the performance of the cluster is not yet optimised (initial experiments with jumbo packets etc. resulted in various operational failures), but we will continue to work on this.