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Head of Group
Prof. Peter Harrison

Current research interests (alphabetical): parallel algorithms, performance engineering, queueing theory, stochastic models, stochastic process algebra.

PhD from Imperial College in 1979 after spending two years doing real work in industry 1974-5.

Two books: Functional Programming, coauthored with Tony Field, and Performance Modelling of Communication Networks and Computer Architectures, coauthored with Naresh Patel.

Prof. William Knottenbelt
Dr Tony Field
Senior Lecturer
Dr Giuliano Casale

Performance Evaluation, Resource Management, Queueing Theory

Research Associates
Dr Tiberiu Chis

Research Associate working on the Intelligent Management of Big Data Storage (iBids) Project (2015-2017). PhD in Computing Research (2012-2015) under supervision of Professor Peter Harrison. Main interests include adaptive workload models, unsupervised learning techniques, hidden Markov models, queueing delay analysis, response time approximations and variants of processor sharing scheduling.

Dr Daniel Dubois
Dr Pooyan Jamshidi
Dr Rasha Osman

Performance modelling of software systems, self-* systems and self-tuning DBMS.

Research Assistant
Miss Tatiana Ustinova
PhD Students
Miss Nada Atallah
Miss Xi Chen
Mr Salvatore Dipietro
Mr Marcel C. Guenther

Working on spatial CTMC modelling techniques.

Mr Wei-Chih Huang
Mr Daniel (Jack) Kelly
Mr Karsten Molka
Miss Marily Nika

Maria Nika has received the Google Anita Borg scholarship in 2011. She is currently in the 2nd year of her PhD under the supervision of Dr. William Knottenbelt. Her research interests include the Quantitative Analysis of the Social Phenomena.

Miss Zhan Qiu
Mr Georgios Sakellariou
Mr Demetris Spanias
Ms Iryna Tsimashenka
Mr Polyvios Tsrimipas
Miss Silvia Vinyes Mora
Mr Weikun Wang
Mr David Wei
Departmental Associates
Prof. John Darlington

Head of the London e-Science Centre and Director of Imperial College Parallel Computing Centre.

Prof. Paul Kelly

Heads up the software performance optimisation research group.

Prof. Berç Rustem
Dr Jeremy Cohen
Dr Daniel Kuhn

Daniel works with Berc Rustem on financial modelling and optimisation.

Dr David McBride

PhD student in LeSC working on large-scale authentication systems.

External Associates
Prof. Natarajan Gautam
Prof. Erol Gelenbe
Prof. Stephen Gilmore

Collaborator on all things PEPA; co-inventor of PEPAnets; functional programming guru (SML)

Prof. Jane Hillston

Inventor of the stochastic process algebra, PEPA, coinventor of the discrete spatial process algebra, PEPA nets. Interested in stochastic modelling for biological applications.

Prof. Maya Paczuski
Dr Ashok Argent-Katwala

Worked on automatic spotting of product forms and re-use of models and solutions amongst a broad community via networked services.

Dr Jeremy Bradley

SPAs, SPNs and efficient stochastic analysis; application of stochastic modelling to biological systems and internet security

Dr Allan Clark

Works on ipc and ipclib amongst other things.

Dr Richard Clegg
Dr Douglas de Jager

Asynchronous iterative methods for the solution of linear systems.

Dr Nicholas Dingle

Parallel and distributed tools and techniques; virtualised data storage systems.

Dr Tim Evans
Dr Nalân Gülpinar
Dr Uli Harder

Interests: scaling phenomena, GRID performance, stochastic processes

Dr Stephen Jarvis
Dr Abigail Lebrecht
Dr Catalina Lladó
Dr Andrea Marin
Dr Fernando Martinez
Dr Edmund Noon
Dr Juan F. Pérez
Dr Tamas Suto

Current research interests include performance query specification with Performance Trees, parallel and distributed performance analysis, and stochastic modelling.

Dr Nigel Thomas

Queueing theorist; PEPA enthusiast/researcher; GRID convert; inventor of quasi-separability

Dr David Thornley
Dr Aad van Moorsel
Dr Helen J. Wilson
Dr Soraya Zertal

Expert in performance modelling of RAID systems.

Mr Matt Johnson

Formerly: Systems Manager, DoC Computing Support Group

Past members
Dr Susanna Au-Yeung
Dr Felipe Franciosi
Dr Richard A. Hayden

Working on fluid-analysis of stochastic process algebra models on the AMPS project.

Dr Allan Hong
Dr Gareth L. Jones
Dr Harini Kulatunga

Interests: Model Checking, Stochastic Logic, CTMC/CTSMC, Wireless Communication, Hybrid Systems, Navigation and Tracking, Signal Estimation and Detection.

Dr Naresh M. Patel
Dr Anton Stefanek

Working on AMPS project - Analysis of Massively Parallel Systems.

Dr Aleksandar Trifunovic
Dr Maria Vigliotti

Semantics for concurrent programming languages and process algebra, in particular ambient calculus.

Dr Helen Yu Zhang
Dr Harf Zatschler
Miss Becky Harrison