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Prof. John Darlington

Departmental Associate

John Darlington is a Professor in the Department of Computing and Director of the Imperial College Parallel Computing Centre and the London e-Science Centre.

Professor Darlington's early research was carried out at Edinburgh University where he was responsible for several pioneering developments in functional programming languages and program transformation.

He moved to Imperial College in 1977 and in 1985 led the team that designed and built the ALICE parallel graph reduction machine which, through a collaboration with ICL, led to the Goldrush Parallel Database Machine. Professor Darlington's recent work has focused on the development of software and middleware techniques for Grid-based high performance computing and e-Science.

5 Publications with AESOP

Book Chapters
The Design and Implementation of ALICE - a Parallel Graph Reduction Machine
Martin Cripps, John Darlington, A. J. Field, Peter G. Harrison, Mike Reeve
Selected Reprints on Dataflow and Reduction Architectures
The Unification of Functional and Logic Languages [PDF]
John Darlington, A. J. Field, Helen Pull
Logic Programming: Functions, Relations and Equations, DeGroot D. and Lindstrom, G. eds.
Conference and Workshop Papers
Node-level Architecture Design and Simulation of the MAGOG Grid Middleware
Jeremy Cohen, Colin Richardson, Uli Harder, Fernando Martinez Ortuno, John Darlington
Conferences in Research and Practice in Information Technology
January, 2009
Parallel Programming Using Skeleton Functions [PDF]
John Darlington, A. J. Field, Peter G. Harrison, Paul Kelly, D W N Sharp, Qiang Wu, R. Lyndon While
PARLE'93, 5th International PARLE Conference on Parallel Architectures and Languages Europe
June, 1993
A Functional Programming Environment Supporting Execution, Partial Execution and Transformation
John Darlington, Peter G. Harrison, Hessam Khoshnevisan, Lee McLoughlin, Nigel Perry, Helen Pull, Mike Reeve, Keith Sephton, R. Lyndon While, Sue Wright
PARLE'89 Parallel Architectures and Languages Europe. Volume I. Eindhoven, The Netherlands, June 12-16
June, 1989

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