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Prof. Peter Harrison

Head of Group
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Room 353 Huxley
Within College 48363
In the UK 020 7594 8363
International +44 20 7594 8363
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Peter Harrison is currently a Professor of Computing Science at Imperial College, London where he became a lecturer in 1983. He graduated at Christ's College Cambridge as a Wrangler in Mathematics in 1972 and went on to gain Distinction in Part III of the Mathematical Tripos in 1973, winning the Mayhew prize for Applied Mathematics. He obtained his Ph.D. in Computing Science at Imperial College in 1979. He has researched into stochastic performance modelling and algebraic program transformation for some twenty years, visiting IBM Research Centers during two summers. He has written two books, had over 150 research papers published and held a series of research grants, both national and international. The results of his research have been exploited extensively in industry, forming an integral part of commercial products such as Metron's Athene Client-Server capacity planning tool. Currently, his main research interests are stochastic process algebra, where he has developed the RCAT methodology for finding separable solutions, response time analysis and optimisation of fluid-based models. He has taught a range of subjects at undergraduate and graduate level, including Operating Systems: Theory and Practice, Functional Programming, Parallel Algorithms and Performance Analysis.