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Prof. Paul Kelly

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Departmental Associate
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Room 423
Within College 48332
In the UK 020 7594 8332
International +44 20 7594 8332

Interested in:

  1. Computer systems issues underlying performance
  2. Applying a broad range of mathematical and theoretical ideas to computer systems problems
  3. Performance evaluation, modelling and prediction
  4. Languages, compilers and operating systems for parallel computing
  5. Caching, combining and randomisation in processors, multiprocessors, operating systems and wide-area networks
  6. Software tools for portable parallel programming
  7. Algebraic program transformation, especially applied to optimising parallel programs
  8. Scheduling, protection, data sharing and virtual memory in distributed memory multicomputers
  9. Irregular and data-intensive applications
  10. Language, linguistics, literature, literary theory

9 Publications with AESOP

Journal Article
THEMIS: Component dependence metadata in adaptive parallel computations [PDF]
Paul Kelly, Olav Beckmann, A. J. Field, Scott Baden
Parallel Processing Letters
December, 2001
Conference and Workshop Papers
Parallel Visualization using the Domain-Specific Interpreter Pattern [PDF]
Karen Osmond, Olav Beckmann, A. J. Field, Paul Kelly
CPC 2006. Workshop on Compilers for Parallel Computers
January, 2006
Overcoming Barriers to Restructuring in a Modular Visualisation Environment [PDF]
Olav Beckmann, A. J. Field, Gerard Gorman, Andrew Huff, Marc Hull, Paul Kelly
LCR 2004. Proceedings of the 7th workshop on Workshop on Languages, Compilers, and Run-time Support for Scalable Systems
October, 2004
Cross-component restructuring in the MayaVi visualisation pipeline
Olav Beckmann, A. J. Field, Paul Kelly
Compilers for parallel computing (CPC2004), July 2004
Optimising shared reduction variables in MPI programs
A. J. Field, Paul Kelly, Thomas Hansen
8th International Euro-Par Conference on Parallel Processing, Paderborn, Germany, 2002
August, 2002
GILK: A Dynamic Instrumentation Tool for the Linux Kernel [PDF] [Postscript]
David Pearce, Paul Kelly, A. J. Field, Uli Harder
TOOLS 2002, 12th International Conference on Computer Performance Evaluation, Modelling Techniques and Tools
April, 2002
Run-time fusion of MPI calls in a parallel C++ library [GZipped Postscript]
A. J. Field, Thomas Hansen, Paul Kelly
LCPC2000, The 13th International Workshop on Languages and Compilers for High-Performance Computing, Yorktown Heights
M-Tree: A Parallel Abstract Data Type for Block-Irregular Adaptive Applications
A. J. Field, Paul Kelly, Qian Wu
Parallel Programming Using Skeleton Functions [PDF]
John Darlington, A. J. Field, Peter G. Harrison, Paul Kelly, D W N Sharp, Qiang Wu, R. Lyndon While
PARLE'93, 5th International PARLE Conference on Parallel Architectures and Languages Europe
June, 1993

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