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B-ISDN: Performance Modelling and Evaluation of B-ISDNs

Prof. Peter Harrison
EPSRC project GR/K68967/01
Started in February 1996
Completed in January 1999
Funded value

Information highways to support B-ISDNs (Broadband Integrated Services Digital Networks), as well as local and wide area networks will be based on the Asynchronous Transfer Mode (ATM) transmission protocols. B-ISDN is the medium that will support vast volumes of traffic servicing multimedia applications in the business, scientific, medical and entertainment sectors. The performance prediction and quantitative analysis of these systems are therefore extremely important in view of their expanding usage and the multiplicity of the component parts together with the complexity of their functioning. However, there are inherent difficulties and open issues associated with the analysis of such systems due to the need for derived performance metrics such as response time distributions, the complexity of traffic characterisation and flow control schemes and the existence of multiple packet classes under various blocking mechanisms. The research project aims to motivate and establish novel research into quantitative analysis of complex ATM networks with particular emphasis on the creation of novel solution methodologies and cost-effective algorithms, development of software tools and strict model validation procedures.