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CRAMP: Combining Randomisation and Mixed-policy Caching for Bounded Contention

Dr Tony Field
Prof. Paul Kelly
EPSRC project GR/J99117/01
Started in June 1994
Completed in September 1997
Funded value

To study the design of general-purpose shared-memory parallel computers, to design data management protocols and policies with high average performance and reasonable worst-case performance, to evaluate them using benchmark programs, and to establish analytical bounds on the performance characteristics of different designs.


A multiprocessor simulator has been obtained and modified to allow contention effects to be observed and quantified.

An initial set of benchmark programs has been selected and ported to run under the simulator.

We have quantified cache controller contention effects for the benchmark programs.

A modified protocol designed to reduce this form of contention has been proposed.

The detailed design, simulation and evaluation of the protocol has begun.