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HIPS: High-level Component-based Construction of High Performance Scientific Applications

Dr Tony Field
Prof. John Darlington
EPSRC project GR/N13371/01
Started in March 2000
Completed in February 2003
Funded value

We propose to develop a component-based approach to the construction of scientific and engineering simulation codes, starting with a set of applications currently under development in the Imperial College Parallel Computing Centre.

We therefore propose to:

Design and implement, using Java, a range of high-level components targeted at important finite and )oundary element and finite difference applications suitable for use by scientific end-users. Design and implement a set of static and dynamic optimisation tools that will use pre-defined structured information about the implementation opportunities for these components and quantitative performance models to map compositions of such components efficiently onto a diverse range of high performance architectures.

Design and build an infrastructure that will allow the creation, storage and retrieval of such components from, potentially distributed, repositories.