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QLAP: Quantitative Design of Large Networks of Polling Stations

Prof. Peter Harrison
Dr Tony Field
EPSRC project GR/J13755/01
Started in October 1993
Completed in March 1997
Funded value

Performance models for servers with polling strategies for task selection.

Transmission time distributions Asymptotic approximations for medium-large networks.

Application in the design of cellular networks and interconnection networks of cyclic polled crossbars.


The first year of the project,work was concentrated on the theoretical side and results were obtained for:

1. Asymptotic properties of normalising constraints for product form queuing networks. These results are relevant in appropriate models of cell channel allocation schemes as we as networks of cells. They apply for medium sized as we as large queuing networks.

2. A polling model for channel assignment has been developed and applied to cell base stations. It is based on the phase=type server queue.

3. It is now planned to consult with BT regarding practical application. Unfortunately the RA on the project left last October and to date we have been unable to find a replacement. The project has therefore been essentially suspended for four months but we expect to rectify this situation very shortly.