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QUAINT: Quantitative Analysis of the Internet

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Prof. Peter Harrison
Dr Tony Field
Dr Uli Harder
EPSRC project GR/M80826/01
Started in June 2000
Completed in June 2003
Funded value

We will develop stochastic models of internet systems using a compositional approach. This will include: Abstract modelling of resources and their configuration, workload modelling, the development of submodels corresponding to internet sybsystems and submodel composition. Workload models will be derived by analysis of traffic on local systems at Imperial college and the London Metropolitan Area Network (MAN), and additional data supplied through Metron Technology Ltd.

New techniques will be explored for:

  1. modelling correlated internet traffic and multimedia traffic;
  2. modelling specific internet components such as ATM switches and links, web caches, web site computers etc.
  3. composing submodels to yield accurate global models of a system given the intended workload.

Performance will be predicted in terms of both resouce-based measures, such as utilisation, throughput and mean queue lengths, as well as response time averages and distributions. Models will be implemented initially in Mathematics and validated with respect to simulation and measurement on real systems including the "Kensington" data mining application at Imperial College. Validated models will be used to compare the efficiency of alternate internet and algorithm configuration for typical workloads and traffic patterns.

All data collected for the QUAINT project is available here: <> .