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Approximate Analysis of a Network of Fluid Queues

A. J. Field, Peter G. Harrison

Conference or Workshop Paper
Workshop on Mathematical performance Modeling and Analysis (MAMA 2007)
June, 2007
Performance Evaluation Review
Volume 35
Issue 2
DOI 10.1145/1330555.1330568

Fluid models have for some time been used to approximate stochastic networks with discrete state. These range from traditional 'heavy traffic' approximations to the recent advances in bio-chemical system models. Here we use an approximate compositional method to analyse a simple feedforward network of fluid queues which comprises both probabilistic branching and superposition. This extends our earlier work that showed the approximation to yield excellent results for a linear chain of fluid queues. The results are compared with those from a simulation model of the same system. The compositional approach is shown to yield good approximations,

deteriorating for nodes with high load when there is correlation between their immediate inputs. This correlation arises when a common set of external sources feeds more than one queue, directly or indirectly.

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