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Overcoming Barriers to Restructuring in a Modular Visualisation Environment

Olav Beckmann, A. J. Field, Gerard Gorman, Andrew Huff, Marc Hull, Paul Kelly

Conference or Workshop Paper
LCR 2004. Proceedings of the 7th workshop on Workshop on Languages, Compilers, and Run-time Support for Scalable Systems
September, 2004
ACM International Conference Proceedings
Volume 81
ACM Press
DOI 10.1145/1066650.1066651

This paper explores the potential for automatic cross-component optimisation in the Python/VTK-based MayaVi modular visualisation environment. The idea is to delay execution of the VTK components called from the MayaVi tool, which requires no signiflcant structural change to the MayaVi code base, but which opens up the possibility for dynamic performance optimisations such as tiling, fusion, memoisation and shared-memory parallelisation. The paper concludes with experimental results on an unstructured mesh hierarchy model from an adaptive three-dimensional gravity current simulation.

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