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A Unifying Approach to Product-forms in Networks with Finite Capacity Constraints

Simonetta Balsamo, Peter G. Harrison, Andrea Marin

Conference or Workshop Paper
ACM Sigmetrics 2010
May, 2010
ACM SIGMETRICS Performance Evaluation Review
DOI 10.1145/1811099.1811043

In queueing networks with blocking, stations wishing to transmit customers to a full queue are blocked and need to take alternative action on completing a service. In general, product-forms, i.e. separable solutions for such a network's equilibrium state probabilities, do not exist but some product-forms have been obtained over the years in special cases, using a variety of techniques. We show that the Reversed Compound Agent Theorem (RCAT) can obtain these diverse results in a uniform way by its direct application, so unifying product-forms in networks with and without blocking. New product-forms are also constructed for a type of blocking we call `skipping', where a blocked station sends its output-customers to the queue after the one causing the blocking in that customer's path. Finally, we investigate a novel congestion management scheme for networks of finite-capacity queues in which a station with a full queue transmits signals that delete customers from upstream queues in order to reduce incoming traffic.

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