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Fluid semantics for passive stochastic process algebra cooperation

Richard Hayden, Jeremy T. Bradley

Conference or Workshop Paper
VALUETOOLS'08, 3rd International Conference on Performance Evaluation Methodologies and Tools
September, 2008
ISBN 978-963-9799-31-8
DOI 10.4108/ICST.VALUETOOLS2008.4329

Fluid modelling is a next-generation technique for analysing massive performance models. Passive cooperation is a popular cooperation mechanism frequently used by performance engineers. Therefore having an accurate translation of passive cooperation into a fluid model is of direct practical application. We compare different existing styles of fluid model translation of passive cooperation in a stochastic process algebra. We explain why the development of a fluid semantics for passive cooperation is not straightforward and we present an alternative definition which more closely matches the underlying discrete model. Finally, we present quantitative comparisons with a previous version of the fluid semantics in which numerical discrepancies can be observed.


An extended version to appear in Performance Evaluation:

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