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Fluid-flow solutions in PEPA to the state space explosion problem

Richard Hayden, Jeremy T. Bradley

National Workshop Paper
PASTA 2007, 6th Workshop on Process Algebra and Stochastically Timed Activities
June, 2007

Achieving the appropriate performance requirements for computer-communication systems is as important as the correctness of the end-result. This is particularly difficult in the case of massively parallel computer systems such as the clusters of PCs behind the likes of Google and peer-to-peer filesharing networks such as Bittorrent. Measuring the performance of such systems using a mathematical model is invariably computationally intensive. Formal modelling techniques make possible the derivation of such performance measures but currently suffer from the state-space explosion problem, that is, models become intractably large even for systems of apparently modest complexity. This work develops a novel class of techniques aimed at addressing this problem by approximating a representation of massive state spaces as more computationally-tractable real variables (fluid-flow analysis).

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