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MASSPA-Modeller: A Spatial Stochastic Process Algebra modelling tool

Marcel C. Guenther, Jeremy T. Bradley

National Workshop Paper
Imperial College Computing Student Workshop (ICCSW)
September, 2011

We introduce MASSPA-Modeller, a visual modelling tool for the recently developed spatial stochastic process algebra MASSPA which describes Markovian Agent Models (MAM)s. The major advantage of using a visual editor to generate MASSPA models is that the laborious task of modelling the communication between agents is partially automated by the tool. Furthermore the tool can separately check the correctness of local and spatial aspects of the model and thereby help users to find mistakes. For the analysis of the resulting models MASSPA-Modeller uses the powerful GPA-analyser engine. Additionally we briefly summarise the latest developments in spatial stochastic process algebras.

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