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Optimising bandwidth of ABR sources

Madhu D. K. Bhabuta , Peter G. Harrison

Journal Article
Computer Networks
Volume 34
Issue 1
June, 2000
Elsevier Science Bv
DOI 10.1016/S1389-1286(00)00100-6

Two problems related to the implementation of available bit rate (ABR)-only streams faced by major network operators are firstly to find a rapid way of characterising traffic and selecting ATM connection parameters accordingly and secondly to determine to what extent ABR bandwidth can be overbooked. We investigate these problems in terms of, respectively, a transient analytical model of an ABR rate-based flow control mechanism and a queue with multiplexed Markov modulated Poisson arrivals. The resulting models are efficient and flexible, and quantitative conclusions are drawn on some of their parameterisations.

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