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Practical Applications of Stochastic Modelling 2004

Jeremy T. Bradley (Ed.), William J. Knottenbelt (Ed.)

Proceedings Edited
PASM 2004, Practical Applications of Stochastic Modelling, Imperial College London
August, 2004

Recent years have seen not only significant theoretical advances in stochastic modelling and associated formalisms but also the increasing availability of high-powered computing facilities in academia and industry alike. The workshop on Practical Applications of Stochastic Modelling (PASM) was created out of a desire to harness these developments by encouraging the application of stochastic modelling formalisms to large-scale real-world systems.

We are, therefore, pleased to showcase in the very first workshop proceedings some excellent examples of how formalisms such as stochastic Petri nets, stochastic process algebras, queueing networks and SANs can be applied to diverse topical systems of practical interest such as peer-to-peer (P2P) file sharing networks, security protocols,electronic voting systems, parallel programming environments and RAID arrays.

It takes a great deal of effort and imagination to tackle the problems inherent in complex systems. We would like to thank everyone who submitted a paper - accepted or not - for taking on this challenge and for helping to contribute to a vibrant workshop.

We would also like to thank our invited speaker, Joost-Pieter Katoen, not to mention the programme committee who put in a stalwart effort to ensure a high quality refereeing process (with every submission receiving at least four reviews):

  • Marco Bernardo
  • Mario Bravetti
  • Gianfranco Ciardo
  • Tod Courtney
  • David Daly
  • Dan Deavours
  • Tony Field
  • Stephen Gilmore
  • Roberto Gorrieri
  • Boudewijn Haverkort
  • Graham Horton
  • Pieter Kritzinger
  • Gethin Norman
  • Mohamed Ould-Khaoua
  • Dave Parker
  • Nigel Thomas

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