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A PMIF with Petri Net Building Blocks

Catalina Lladó, Peter G. Harrison

Conference or Workshop Paper
ICPE '11 Proceeding of the second joint WOSP/SIPEW international conference on Performance engineering
August, 2011
DOI 10.1145/1958746.1958764

Performance model interchange formats (PMIFs) support the portability of models and sharing of solutions amongst different tools. XML-based interchange formats have been defined for the interchange of queueing network and Petri net models, amongst others, but there is still scope to extend their application to multiple formalisms, in particular beyond queueing networks. We extend an existing PMIF to hybrid models by including a new type of node, called a 'building block', defined as a certain class of Petri nets. The synchronisation primitives of these building blocks can be used to specify fork-join systems whilst, under certain conditions, retaining product-form solutions when embedded in queueing (or other) networks possessing this property already. When a product-form does not exist, the whole network is translated into a Petri net and solved either by simulation or direct solution of the underlying Markov chain by an existing analyser. Finally, we apply the extended PMIF to model a computer system with RAID storage.

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