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Performance Trees: Implementation And Distributed Evaluation

Darren K. Brien, Nicholas J. Dingle, William J. Knottenbelt, Harini Kulatunga, Tamas Suto

Conference or Workshop Paper
PDMC'08, 7th International Workshop on Parallel and Distributed Methods in Verification
March, 2008

In this paper, we describe the first realisation of an evaluation environment for Performance Trees, a recently proposed formalism for the specification of performance properties and measures. In particular, we present details of the architecture and implementation of this environment that comprises a client-side model and performance query specification tool, and a server-side distributed evaluation engine, supported by a dedicated computing cluster. The evaluation engine combines the analytic capabilities of a number of distributed tools for steady-state, passage time and transient analysis, and also incorporates a caching mechanism to avoid redundant calculations. We demonstrate in the context of a case study how this analysis pipeline allows remote users to design their models and performance queries in a sophisticated yet easy to use framework, and subsequently evaluate them by harnessing the computing power of a Grid cluster back-end.

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