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Semi-Markov PEPA: Modelling with Generally Distributed Actions

Jeremy T. Bradley

Journal Article
International Journal of Simulation
Volume 6
Issues 3–4
February, 2005
ISSN 1473-804X

Since the advent of Markovian Process Algebras, users have requested the ability to employ a greater variety of action distribution. We present a conservative extension to the popular Markovian process algebra, PEPA, which incorporates generally distributed sojourn-times for action duration. Just as a PEPA model generates a Markov chain for analysis purposes, so semi-Markov PEPA produces a semi-Markov chain. We discuss how semi-Markov PEPA models are analysed through Dingle and Knottenbelt's semi-Markov DNAmaca tool and present a small example for passage time analysis.

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