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Augmenting The Core Functionality Of An e-Science Grid Multi-Tier Front-End: GridSphere-Based Reengineering Of EPIC

Tamas Suto

Master's Thesis
Imperial College London, Department of Computing
May, 2004

The objective of the project is to reengineer the core functionality of an existing Web-based Grid front-end, the e-Science Portal at Imperial College (EPIC).

EPIC is a Grid portal - an access point enabling user interaction with Grid systems and services. It provides a simple but functional user interface that presents all available resources in a unified and intuitive environment.

EPIC was implemented based on an outdated Web portal architecture, which does not feature support for advanced Grid functionality. The limitations of EPIC, as well as the development of promising new technologies in the Grid community, have urged the requirement to reengineer and to migrate the portal to a different framework, in order to overcome restrictions and to improve functionality, security and flexibility.

This project addresses this requirement and provides a solution by developing a skeleton portal, using a state-of-the-art Grid portal framework. This skeleton is enhanced by incorporating a Grid-oriented security infrastructure, featuring an X.509 certificate-based authentication and a Role Based Access Control authorisation mechanism.

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